Recently we announced collaborative mapmaking in Google Maps. What does this mean for those of you working at nonprofits? Simply put, it's easier to make maps with your coworkers, partners, donors, and beneficiaries.

Here are just a couple of ideas:
  • Get your program leads to post photos and videos of what they're doing in the field. Recent photos and videos go a long way toward demonstrating your impact on the communities you serve, which matters to donors and potential partners.
  • Have your donors, partners, and volunteers add themselves to a collective map of all of your supporters. You're all working toward the same goal, and it's encouraging to see who else is on your team.
And here are what some pioneering groups have already done:
If you haven't explored this feature yet, click "Collaborate" within the My Maps tab to invite others to edit your map. To guide you along, we've added a new tutorial on the Google Earth Outreach site, which shows you step-by-step how to collaborate on your maps. Whether you're changing your local landscape or tackling global issues, collaborative mapmaking helps many grassroots efforts reach global proportions.