The My Maps feature of Google Maps lets people create maps to share their hobbies and expertise with the world. For example, a surfing enthusiast could map out their favorite surf spots or a surfing club could plot all the best beaches in Southern California. Now imagine if all the surfers around the globe worked together, leveraging their combined knowledge to create a single map of the best surf spots worldwide, applying the power of wiki-style collaboration to cartography.

Starting today, Google Maps supports collaborative map-making, so multiple people can edit the same My Map. Just click the "Collaborate" link and enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. They'll receive an email invitation with a link to the map. Once they open the map, they should be able to edit it, as long as they are signed into a Google Account that's associated with that email address. You can also open your map to the world so anyone can edit it by selecting the "Allow anyone to edit this map" checkbox.

By the way, we're always looking for good surf spots, so please add your favorites to our collaborative map. Or if you're not the surfing type, we'd still love to see your maps, whether you're cataloging the best wineries in Australia, reporting UFO sightings to the National UFO Reporting Center, or planning a cross-country road trip with friends.