When Google Places was reintroduced with its new name and additional features earlier this year, we thought it’d be an opportune time to experiment with a new way of engaging with our users. So we launched a Google Moderator page and invited business owners who use Google Places to ask and vote on questions and submit product ideas. Our team also committed to answering the top posts via video.

Many takes later, we’re excited to share eleven new videos that are now live on the Google Places YouTube Channel. While we’re aware that the film quality could be improved, we hope you enjoy putting faces to the names of our forum guides, seeing some of our team’s personalities reflected in the videos, and even getting to hear from a Google intern.

Video responses are a new method of interaction for us, so we’ll track viewership, business owners’ reactions and other factors to determine if this is a useful project we should continue. In the meantime, feel free to watch our most popular video to date about ranking from local product manager Jeremy Sussman, or any of our other video responses.

Happy viewing, and we hope these videos are helpful, informative and interesting for all you business owners using Google Places!