Hot off the heels of early July's imagery update, we've got another batch of new images ready for people to dive into this summer. Have fun exploring the world from Queens, NY to the Queen Hatshepsut's temple in Egypt.

Queens, New York

Queen Hatshepsut's temple in Egypt

High Resolution Aerial Updates:
USA: Salt Lake City, Fort Worth, Abilene, Cleveland, New Jersey, and the New York boroughs of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx
New Zealand: Otaki

Countries receiving High Resolution Satellite Updates:
Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Norway, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Australia

Countries receiving Medium Resolution Satellite Updates:
Brazil, Sweden, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, and Laos

For a complete picture of where we updated imagery, download this KML for viewing in Google Earth.