Good news today if you’re house-hunting in Camden Town or Kew Gardens - property search has come to From today, visitors to will be able to click “Properties...” on the More menu in Maps to see a little red dot on the map showing every house or flat for sale or rent.

The search can be refined by choosing features like sale or rent, bedrooms, bathrooms, and price. The map will update to show the properties matching those criteria - and also dynamically update as you scroll and zoom around the map until you’ve found your dream spot.

Other maps layers and features like Photos, Videos, Satellite, and Earth view can be turned on as well, helping you to explore the property results geographically and get an even better sense for your new neighbourhood.

In a survey conducted just before Google Street View launched across the entire UK, a fifth of those surveyed said they had used the service for househunting [source: YouGov Plc February 2010]. We hope they’ll find this new feature really useful for exploring what’s available in neighbourhoods right across the UK.

The feature is showing hundreds of thousands of listings, from PropertyLive, Zoopla, Ezylet, SmartNewHomes, Vebra, Property Pal, Spicer Haart, Countrywide, and Zoomf. If you’re an estate agent, take a look at for information on how to have your property listings show up on Google Maps.

So have a go today - it’s as easy as typing in “property for sale camden town” and then scrolling around the map to see what meets your criteria. You can find contact details for the estate agent on the ‘Place Page’ that pops up for each listing - you can even add any scheduled open homes to your Google calendar with one click of the mouse. Just don’t try making an offer on London’s most famous home ... we don’t think that one’s for sale.