Sometimes, little things can make a big difference. Since our last major style evolution, we have been making ongoing incremental improvements to the style of our maps. We'd like to highlight a few of the more recent changes and show the impact of paying attention to the small details.

Starting with the area close to our office in Sydney, you can see that we've made roads thinner and more discernible, and improved treatment of tunnels so they don't look so much like they're above ground:

In Taichung, Taiwan, our roads used to overlap in some places. We've fixed that, making the map more navigable and providing a better sense of the city structure:

Here's another example from Bangalore, India. The new version manages to both add detail and feel easier to read:

And finally, in Prague, Czech Republic, you can see the improvement in our styling of building models, which makes the map less overwhelming and the road labels easier to read:

We hope that you have enjoyed this quick tour - have a look around Google Maps today and see if you notice any improvements to your local area. Small details, big improvements!