People all over the world already use Google Maps to search for pubs, bars and restaurants in their local area. And with football’s (soccer, to all you Americans) biggest event right around the corner, millions of fans will be looking for the perfect venue to enjoy the tournament. So for all you business owners, this could be the ideal time to create your entry on Google Maps for free or make sure your current entry is still up to date. You can even specially indicate that you'll be showing games at your establishment.

Once you’ve signed up for this campaign you will get a couple of things to help you stand out more during the games. When people search for places to watch the games we’ll highlight businesses that have flagged themselves as viewing locations (both on Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile) and you’ll also get a special football badge on your Place Page.

What else can you do to make sure you’re ready for football fever? We’ve provided a quick checklist with stuff you can do:
  • Add additional information people looking for places to watch soccer will appreciate (ie: how many & what size screens you have). Read more here.
  • Let people know which games you are showing and let them know if you have any special football promotions by posting a live update to your Place Page. Read more here.
  • Got lots of satisfied customers post-game? Ask them to add valuable feedback or recommend you on Google Maps. Read more here.
Make sure you join before June 11 to be certain your local football-loving customers can find you in time for their big match. You can learn more on this site:

Have fun and may the best team win! I can't wait to find the best place in London to go cheer my team to victory.