A couple of months ago we announced a trial for a new and easy local advertising product through Google Places (the new name for the Local Business Center), that we referred to as “enhanced listings.” This flat-fee advertising feature costs $25 a month and enables a business owner to highlight an aspect of their listing that they think best reflects what they have to offer to customers. The little yellow tag accompanies the business listing whenever it shows up on Google and makes it stand out from the rest (without impacting its ranking in organic search results).

We have some updates about this feature:
  • As the Local Business Center is now Google Places, enhanced listings are now called Tags. We think the new name better reflects the idea of adding a personalized line to a business listing.
  • Originally offered in San Jose and Houston, Tags is now available in Atlanta, Austin, and Washington DC as well. Over the next couple of weeks we will add San Diego, Seattle, Boulder, Chicago, and San Francisco. You can fill out this form to be notified when Tags comes to your area.
  • We’ll soon be offering a new type of Tag called “Posts.” Google Places recently introduced the ability to post to the Place Page, giving a business owner a way to enter a short, current, free-form message about their business that customers will see when they visit the business’ Place Page. In the next couple of weeks we will be launching these Posts as a Tag type in addition to the currently available options: photos, videos, website, coupons, directions, menu or reservations. A business will be able to highlight something special happening at their store - a sale, an upcoming event, or freshly baked banana bread. Potential customers will see this message as an extra line under the business listing in search results, giving them customized relevant information and inviting them to choose that store.

We hope you enjoy these additions to Tags. To learn more and try it out, please visit www.google.com/help/tags.