On Tuesday, April 13, a powerful 6.9 earthquake shook the province of Qinghai, China, resulting in widespread destruction and the loss of more than 1,700 lives. Working closely with GeoEye, we’ve been able to acquire some high resolution post-earthquake imagery, which vividly illustrates the magnitude of this tragic event.

(click image to view full-size; click here to view in Google Earth)

To see more of this imagery, you can download the KML here and open it in Google Earth.

In addition, an international team, including many of our Chinese Googlers, have worked to create a Crisis Response page for the earthquake with several additional resources:
  • The China Person Finder tool, which can be used to submit or search for information about individuals who may have been affected. It is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, and is accessible on mobile. We encourage organizations and media sites to embed the gadget on their sites and help spread the word.
  • Google News and real-time search, which features posts to Twitter and other sources. This provides the latest information from authoritative sources and people on the ground.
  • A My Map to help users contribute data about Qinghai, such as the conditions in specific areas and rescue efforts underway.
The Chinese version of this page can be accessed from a link on our homepages on google.com.hk and google.com.tw, and we will continue to update the pages as more materials become available.