Street View of the old and new

Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 2:05 PM

Hong Kong and Macau have now joined the list of places you can visit with Street View. If peering up at dense, towering skyscrapers is your thing, you won’t want to miss Hong Kong, home to more than 7,000 of them. Take a look at this view of the Hong Kong Island skyline, looking across from Kowloon:

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Or you can look down on the bustling city streets from the verdant hills of Tai Mo Shan park:

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This view of the Macau Tower from the Sai Van Bridge shows you two more of the architectural landmarks of Macau:

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Today’s Street View update isn’t just about what’s new -- you can also visit the past. You can view new World Heritage sites, as well as locations from your own personal heritage.

Our trike recently visited the beautiful historic city of Kyoto, where you can now view two of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage locations, Nijo Castle and Nishi Hongwanji Temple:

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Nijo Castle

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Nishi Hongwanji

Ten other special sites around Kyoto have been added to Street View, including 2 universities and many more temples.

On the other side of the globe, you can now explore Street View panoramas all around the UK, from Wales to across the sea in Northern Ireland, and a great many places in between. This inspired a train conductor from South London to explore his past through our imagery, posting links to Street View of memorable places from throughout his life on his Twitter account. He took his friends on a virtual trip down memory lane, showing where he went to university and where he worked during school holidays all the way through the train station where he’s currently based. And in Australia, the “mum” of one of my teammates has been browsing through the new UK images to find the small town where her ancestors came from: she knew the town they lived in and the former name of the building where they lived, but had no idea how to find it today and after spending some time clicking through Street View in the town, she found an old sign on a wall with the former name of the building -- exactly where her family lived more than a century ago!

Whether it’s to find new and exciting corners of the globe, or to explore places of personal significance, enjoy traveling through these new additions to Street View.