Google Maps has allowed you to get public transportation directions in hundreds of cities around the world for a while now, helping you get to your destination without a car. But sometimes you’re not quite sure which destination to choose, and you want to try out multiple options. We often get asked if it will ever be possible to drag your transit route, just like you can do with driving directions. As of today, it is indeed possible! Now you can drag your start or end point to preview your various options for the most efficient itinerary.

Imagine that you are on a business trip to New York City, and you will stay at the Chelsea Hotel. You start planning your trip by searching for directions form JFK airport to the Chelsea Hotel. Then you realize that you can also take a flight to Newark, and you want to figure out which is more convenient for getting to your hotel. Now it’s as easy as picking up the marker at JFK (you’ll see instructions ”Drag to change route” when you hover over the marker):

..and drop it over Newark Airport:

As you drag the marker, we will calculate the new trip automatically in the background and show a tooltip with the time of the new trip. When you drop the marker back onto the map at your desired starting (or ending) point, you’ll see the left panel update with your new step-by-step transit directions. Just search, drag, and ride!