More new imagery added to Google Earth and Google Maps

Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 3:00 PM

We just launched new imagery for Google Earth and Google Maps. Check to see if any of your favorite places have gotten an update! You can view the updated areas highlighted in red below. Alternatively, you can download this KML, for viewing in Google Earth or you view the updates in Google Maps.

Updates are noted with a red frame

You can also share your cool new imagery finds with us using Twitter! After looking at the updates in the viewer above, tweet your cool finds and add the #GEarthIMG hashtag to your tweets. Here are some interesting examples of tweets we saw last time we updated our imagery:

@Rukasu1: Checking out the massive size and scope of the Menik Farm IDP Camp in Sri Lanka with the new GE imagery. #GEarthIMG
@Henk_e_S: New road infrastructure in Hoek van Holland: #GEarthImg
@Spathiinc: New GeoEye-1 imagery in Google Earth/Maps of World Cup Stadium construction in Cape Town: #GEarthIMG
@Mpegg: Checking out the awesome new imagery of Whistler, site of 2010 Olympics on @googleearth: #GEarthIM