Today, we launched a new feature to rank and show distinguishing aspects for businesses on their Place Pages. By taking a look at a Place Page, you can quickly get a better sense of what people are saying about a business and view relevant snippets about each specific aspect (say, the price, the service, or the infamous deep dish pizza) from all over the web. You can then dive deeper by going to the source and reading the full reviews. The new color-coded bars will give you a simple numeric overview of the how the business rates on each feature.

Let's say your in-laws are visiting over the holidays and you want to take them to a nice dinner while they're in town. You've heard that a new restaurant has great steak, but you want to be sure the ambiance and decor meet your standards for a special occasion.

You can check Peter Luger Steakhouse Place Page to see what reviewers are saying:

Or what if you want to get your sister a spa day for the holidays -- you may want to know if the spa specializes in massages, facials, or pedicures -- and of course, you want to make sure it rates very high on service to make sure she's pampered.

Here's what people are saying about Kabuki Springs and Spa:
Looks like a great place to get a stone massage!

In order to help you find the best of what people are saying, we've improved our ability to find reviews of places, searching more quality sources of information from across the web. We look for pages that talk about particular places and analyze content on those pages that express a sentiment (i.e., a positive or negative comment) about that place. We display snippets of the sentiment to help you discover the best sources of information about the specific topic of interest.

Place Pages help to organize and make accessible all the world's information about a particular place. We hope that these sentiment snippets will help make your browsing - and maybe even your holiday planning - a little easier.