Having worked on updates to Google Earth/Maps imagery for some time, I've always enjoyed seeing how the world changes through our regular updates. But, I've wanted to see them more often. Today, I'm happy to announce that we're increasing the frequency of our updates to bring you the world's freshest and most complete imagery.

As a part of this announcement, we're also making some changes to the way that we tell you about new imagery. We'll continue to publish a blog post for our updates but instead of our regular 'Where in the World' quizzes, we're going to start to embed a web-based Google Earth view of the updates in our blog post (like we have below), and continue to link to the KML file for viewing inside the Google Earth application.

In addition, you can share your cool new imagery finds with us using Twitter! After looking at the updates in the viewer below, tweet your cool finds and add the #GEarthIMG hashtag to your tweets. For some added fun, point the Twittersphere to the precise location using EarthURL.org. In a few weeks time, we'll follow things up with a round-up of tweets from those of you using the hashtag and share them with all of you. We'll also be re-tweeting some of your finds from @googleearth.

Updates are noted with a red frame

We hope you have fun tweeting all of the great new imagery finds from the cities, countries, and regions we're making available in this new release.

Senior Geo Data Strategist