We just launched new imagery for Google Earth and Google Maps. Check to see if any of your favorite places has gotten an update! You can download this KML for viewing in Google Earth or you view the updates in Google Maps. Or you can view the updated areas highlighted in red below:

Updates are noted with a red frame

You can also share your cool new imagery finds with us using Twitter! After looking at the updates in the viewer above, tweet your cool finds and add the #GEarthIMG hashtag to your tweets. Here's one interesting example of a tweet we saw last time we updated our imagery:

@8ctagon #GEarthIMG @gsightseeing Historical Imagery in Dakar 1942. Planes in flight 14.706837°-17.4, 16356°".

For some added fun, point the Twittersphere to the precise location using a Google Maps link. In a few weeks time, we'll follow things up with a round-up of tweets from those of you using the hashtag and share them with all of you. We'll also be re-tweeting some of your finds from @googleearth.