Hey imagery lovers, welcome back!

With the update of big chunk of new imagery in Google Earth, we are once again back with our quiz. So, take a break and start exploring. You never know, there might be a new image of your hometown in Google Earth!

We know that you are anxious to see high quality images and so, we are working hard to offer regular imagery updates and replace low resolution images with high resolution ones.

So, all set for the quiz? Here we go!

1. This city was once a mill town in UK. The person who invented multi spool spinning wheel hails from this town.

2. This particular county is from the United States and it was named after the 'SALT LICKS' that are in this area.

3. This county was a part of the ancient kingdom of the south Saxons. The English Channel lies to the south of this county.

4. This is the coast of one of the largest states in the US and it also shares an international border. This state fought hard for its independence.

5. This city is a state capital which has the same name as of its state from Mexico, and it is famous for a large archaeological site of pre-Columbia.

6. This city is a state and country capital. Both the city and the state share the same name which is derived from Arabic and means “end of an elephant’s trunk.”

7. This city is one of the largest industrial areas in the United States and many industries are headquartered here. Another clue to identify this place is: a company that makes beef jerky, cocktail pepperoni, and other snack sausages is based here.

8. This is a metropolitan city in Brazil which is well known for its combination of contemporary and classical buildings. The city is surrounded by several parks and a wide variety of animal species live here.

Mukesh K.B, GIS Specialist