In 2005 we launched Google Maps, and later that year, we launched Google Maps for mobile, providing maps and driving directions to users on the go. Over the past few years we've continuously added new features to Google Maps for desktop computers and mobile phones, such as My Location, live traffic data, and satellite and street views. But our driving directions have always remained written in list form - not particularly useful while you're actually driving. Until now!

Today we're announcing the beta launch of Google Maps Navigation, an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance and automatic rerouting, as a feature of Google Maps on phones that run Android 2.0. Google Maps Navigation isn't like the GPS systems you might be used to - it was built from the ground up to use Google Maps services over your phone's internet connection. This means using Google search, by typing or by voice, to enter your destination (whether or not you know the address); viewing your route on 3D satellite views and in Street View; and always running on the freshest map, business, and live traffic data available from Google Maps.

Read more about Google Maps Navigation on the Official Google Mobile blog.

Iljya Kalai, Software Engineer