It's been a month since out last imagery update and I know you're all hungry for more data, so today we've finished pushing out some great imagery to Google Earth. Below are a few hints that should help you find some of the new imagery. Happy hunting!

1) Once a political capitol, now a financial capitol, MapMakers in this city rapidly growing have cried for updated imagery and we have delivered.

2) With updated imagery over this city, you can see leftovers from the Texas Tech - Virginia game.

3) This former "closed city" just got a GeoEye-1 update.

4) The wettest area of the continental United States has gotten an update. (Hint: it's a Rain Forest)

5) This beloved stadium, which was built for the 1978 World Cup, is still in pretty good shape from the looks of it. There's even a go-kart track in the parking lot!

6) Ever wonder where Aluminum comes from? Africa's second largest Aluminum production site has gotten new imagery.

7) This great palace was constructed between 1857 and 1859, but was mostly destroyed by allied bombing in World War II. Finally re-built in the 90's, this site is now a major tourist destination.

8) Though you can't do any shopping here from your desk, you can now view South America's largest open-air market with increased clarity.

9) Connected to civilization by an ice road and a gravel runway, this diamond mine is difficult to opperate.