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Hasbro, the makers of the Monopoly game, have officially announced a competition that gives Monopoly-lovers the chance to design a building that will be included in the new interactive game Monopoly City Streets.

To enter this competition, you need to design a 3D building using Google SketchUp and upload it to the Google 3D Warehouse. The deadline to submit entries is Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 11:59pm, EST. Visit the Monopoly City Streets blog for the Official Rules, prizes, and more information.

Here's how it works:

  1. Download Google SketchUp for free.
  2. Learn to build 3D models with SketchUp by watching video tutorials and related YouTube videos. Download and work through a few examples using these self-paced tutorials: Introduction to SketchUp, Starting a Drawing Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
  3. From SketchUp, choose "Share Model" and upload your 3D building to the Google 3D Warehouse (you must have a Google account to sign in).
  4. In the upload window, add the tag "monopolycompetition09" and make sure that you've checked "Allow 3D Warehouse users to contact me about this model" so we can contact you if you win!
  5. Within 48 hours, your model/entry will appear in the Competition Collection in the Google 3D Warehouse.
Technical Guidelines:
  • Buildings can be any size and any shape
  • Buildings must not have photo-textures; they must be painted with solid colors
  • The file size limit is 2 MB
  • The file format should be .SKP
A few quick tips:
  1. Keep it simple. Or not. The judges will be looking at all designs – simple and complex.
  2. Go crazy. Remember, the MONOPOLY world is a fun place. Make your building the same! Go wild and have oodles of fun doing it.
  3. Upload as many designs as you want. The more you submit, the greater the chance of your design winning!
  4. For some inspiration, check out some sample creations already in the Google 3D Warehouse Competition Collection.
Check out the Monopoly City Streets blog for the Official Rules and more information. Good luck!