It's that time again! We have been hard at work processing imagery for everyone and have just released a major update. There are some interesting places getting updates and we've got a short quiz to push you in the right direction. We will be back with the answers and the complete list of updated areas.

1) This Asian city is at the center of the Hexi Corridor and Marco Polo has spent a year in this ancient city.

2) The nickname "City of Lights" just gives this one away.

3) Tangerines were named for this city, the first one to ship the fruit to Europe.

4) This city has a government building named the "The Custom House".

5) This city is home of the two time winner of the FIBA EuroLeague Women.

6) This northern Canadian city started its first oil boom when it struck oil in 1947.

7) This beautiful rail station is central to this Asian mega-city.

8) A major UN convention was held in this city in 2006.

9) This lake is a few kilometers outside the city created in 1937 to be the headquarters for the western mining group of the High Katanga Mining Association.