Since our launch of Street View in May 2007, it has consistently been one of Google Maps' most popular features. We've also found that it has been one of the features that folks are most curious about, so we have given our Street View overview site a refresh that puts everything you wanted to know about Street View in one place.

Some of the things you can now learn are:
  • Where in the world Street View imagery is available, and where our vehicles are currently gathering new imagery
  • The story behind our Pegman mascot
  • What our early prototype of the Street View vehicle looked like
  • The ways you can use Street View to make life a little easier
  • How long it takes us to collect imagery
  • What privacy safeguards we've put in place and how you can request image removal

We hope this new site will help make using Street View to explore the world even easier, and maybe a little more fun.