Google Map Maker ( has yet another exciting update, as several Eastern European countries are now open for editing: Albania, Belarus, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia. We've also opened edits for Malaysia (which recently got its own maps domain) and Brunei. This makes map editing available for users around the world in more than 170 countries / regions in total.

In the last year, mappers from around the world have contributed local knowledge with everything from mapping entire countries to adding details like one-ways to make a drivable map. We're very excited to see these new communities around the globe embrace the ability to map their countries. One example is the Romanian Facebook community, with more than 7000 members asking for Romania to be added to Google Maps. Now we invite them to join our Map Maker community: come leverage your local knowledge to help build the most comprehensive map of Romania possible.

Alongside making Map Maker available in new countries, we're committed to making the result of everyone's work as available and accessible as possible. With this launch, we're also taking a step in that direction by extending our Kenya pilot and making the entire dataset of Africa fully available for download by non-profits, government agencies and individuals to create and enhance their own non-commercial map-related projects. More details are available on our download site.

For more information on Map Maker, please visit our new overview site. Happy Mapping!