[Cross-posted from the Google Africa Blog]

President Obama's visit to Ghana has caused a wave of excitement on the web, with searches for "Obama" increasing by 150% in Ghana over the last week. In recognition of this occasion, we have teamed up with the Ministry of Tourism in Ghana to create a special site for President Obama's visit. This adds to the existing wealth of information on the Ministry's official site which highlights places of interest, restaurants and accommodation, as well as festivals, eco-tourism, and much more.

Using Google's geo products, the site includes a pictorial tour in Google Earth of key landmarks along the historical slave route in Ghana, such as Gwollu in North West Ghana, where people created a refuge from the infamous slave raids. The tour also visits Salaga Market, a major slave market where wells and cemeteries have now been turned into shrines, and the Slave River at Assin Manso, where the slaves had their last bath prior to leaving Africa's shores. The tour ends at Cape Coast Castle in the Central Region, now a UNESCO World Heritage monument, with the final Doorway of No Return.

Using Google Maps, the site shows places that President Obama and the First Lady will visit during their trip to Ghana. The map will provide fresh updates on events as they happen, including links to videos via YouTube that will keep the map fresh and interesting. Locations include Kotoka International Airport, the President's arrival point; the Osu Castle, where President Obama will meet the President of Ghana, Professor Atta Mills; and Cape Coast Castle and the Conference Centre in Accra, where the President will meet Ghanains.

We have already partnered with other tourism authorities on the continent, including in Egyptand South Africa, to showcase some of Africa's extraordinary natural beauty and cultural heritage in Google Earth. As Ghana welcomes the first African-American U.S. president, we're very excited to work with the Ministry of Tourism to help raise awareness about Ghana's unique tourism offerings.