The web is becoming increasingly indispensable to people looking for a new home to buy. For example, you can use Street View to check out the neighborhood before driving to an open home; use driving directions to find out exactly how to get there; and Transit to work out what your new commute might be if you went ahead and moved house.

We want to keep making it easier for people find the real estate information they're looking for and have it returned to them in a useful way. So, from today, if you enter a query like <<homes for sale in san francisco>> on Google Maps, you'll see that we make it easy for you to see all your results on a map with a one-box that will take you to real estate listings. Previously, you had to specify "real estate" from the search options menu, but now we're making it easier to find available listings
You'll notice that we've made some other enhancements that will improve your real estate searching experience. We've added lots of markers that will show not only the ten most relevant listings with pins on the map, but also show a small circle on every other listing in that area using the search results layer, so you can get a really good idea of the distribution of properties for sale. You can click on each marker and each small circle to get more detailed information about the property.

This feature means you can now conduct a real estate search around a specific neighborhood, or see at a glance all the properties close to a BART stop. You can also pan the map to another area entirely to see listings there if you decide that another part of town is more your speed.

Finally, feedback from users has told us that it's more helpful for the address of a property to be in the headline of a listing rather than the number of beds and bathrooms as we were previously showing, so we've updated this too.

We've also expanded the feature to cover real estate in
Australia and New Zealand properties for rent and sale, and made it easier to provide property listings for inclusion.

Check out to check out more information on how Google Maps can be a useful tool in your real estate search.