Greetings from the Imagery Team,

We've been hard at work processing imagery for everyone to enjoy, and we've just released a large amount all over the world. To help guide you to some of the interesting places getting updates, here's a short quiz with update hints in it. Stay tuned for the answers and a more complete listing of updates.

1) The large 'satellite dish' from Golden Eye is now visible in high res.

2) Undergoing a name change in 1996, this city was established in the 17th century and rapidly grew into a major urban center.

3) Check out how construction is going on the giant palm tree island.

4) Once a major maritime power, this former republic is now threatened by rising tides.

5) Now the second largest city in its country, this city was a major port of emigration.

6) This city holds the Guinness World Record for most remote city from a body of water.

7) The westernmost city in Africa received an imagery update.

8) This cosmopolitan and economic powerhouse metropolis started out as a simple Crown Colony back in 1842.

Matt Manolides, Senior Geo Data Strategist