Last week we invited all of you to share your reasons for wanting to attend the O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference for a chance at a complimentary pass for this great geo event.  We received a number of great stories and reflections on the personal and professional passion people have for the geoweb and geospatial technology.  We learned about some very interesting geo-startups that are being born using the Google Maps API and even some touching personal accounts of how location is truly changing people's lives. 

We decided to select Alison King, an enterprising new student to the area of geospatial tech. So interested in fact that she is currently pursuing a GIS certificate of completion from City College in San Francisco.  With a background in analytical systems and product design she was interested in seeing where these two things areas converge with geospatial technology.  She had an interest in attending a conference like Where 2.0 where this expertise converges but didn't think she could manage on a student's budget, thus was interested in this pass... be our guest Alison! We're looking forward to your insights after the conference concludes!  

We're excited to be at the conference. If you're unable to make it, the @Googlemaps Twitter account will be live-tweeting the event with thoughts and analysis, and check back to this blog later in the day for more updates from Where 2.0.