Hello geo fans, here comes another batch of new imagery for Google Earth and Google Maps. To help you find the locations pictured in this new imagery, I have assembled a small quiz with some famous places that have been updated. Stay tuned for the answers to this quiz to appear in this blog, along with a more complete list of areas with updated imagery.

To make the quiz a bit more challenging this time around, the images are sometimes not oriented northernly.

1) I remember back in my school days having learned a poem by a German writer about the disaster of a rail bridge in the 19th century in northwestern Europe that collapsed in a heavy winter storm while a train was crossing it.

2) A large, mythical lake often shrouded in mist. Legend has it that a sea snake about 60 feet long lives in this lake.

3) This artificial lake in Europe became famous for starring in the opening of a James Bond movie in which a bungee jump was performed.

4) A spaceport in the jungle. Several European space agencies - federal and commercial - conduct rocket launches from here.

5) A large national park in the continental U.S. that is mainly covered by tempered rain forest and glaciated peaks is now entirely visible at the resolution of at least 1m per pixel.

6) This section of motorway in Europe closes a small gap but runs across a bridge which is currently the tallest in the world with a maximum height of 270 meters.

7) This is a very popular tourist location on the pacific side of North America.

8) Finally, this last image shows a part of the sculpture park of this European city. The sculptures show human figures.

Bernd Steinert, GIS Specialist, Zurich