Hello Geo-detectives! In the time honored tradition of new imagery posts, we have a quiz for you ... with a twist! Instead of focusing on areas with new imagery, we're looking at areas with ... drum roll please ... new terrain! The 3D functionality of Google Earth is one of its defining features, and with this update it's gotten even better. Let's explore!

1) The formal dedication of the harbor here took place on April 10th - 44 years ago:

2) Mountains of money can be made (or lost) at this popular U.S. destination.

3) Wow, the tower here does look a little bit like a fire hose.

4) This hilly city known for its beaches, sits on what the Roman's knew as Sinus Cantabrorum:

5) If you want to get a picture of this city's Golden Triangle, you might want to try Herron Hill:

6) While this city's downtown doesn't have much in terms of elevation, the nearby Gatineau Hills have some nice hikes.

7) This low lying coastal city accounts for roughly 25% of the country's population. Onnea!

8) At 87m, Mount Victoria isn't much of a mountain, but it does give you nice views of Torpedo Bay:

9) Looking for a little elevation without leaving the city? Either Bellevue Hill Park or Jackson Hill Park seem like a good choice.

10) The 5km hike to Castell de Sant Miquel from this city will give you stunning views of the country side.

And the bonus question:

11) Even with an elevation range of over 1300 ft (~400 m), you'll be hard pressed to find any good hikes here. :-)

Just remember - wear comfortable shoes and brings lots of water. It could be steep!