So, how did you do? Don't feel bad if you couldn't identify them all, terrain is much harder to identify than imagery. However, I'm very disappointed in you geologists. ;-)

1) The formal dedication of the harbor here took place on April 10th - 44 years ago:

-- Marina del Rey, CA, USA

2) Mountains of money can be made (or lost) at the popular U.S. destination.
-- Las Vegas, NV, USA

3) Wow, the tower here does look a little bit like a fire hose.
-- Telegraph Hill / Coit tower / San Francisco, CA, USA

4) This hilly city known for its beaches, sits on what the Roman's knew as Sinus Cantabrorum:

-- San Sebastian, Spain

5) If you want to get a picture of this city's Golden Triangle, you might want to try Herron Hill:

-- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

6) While this city's downtown doesn't have much in terms of elevation, the nearby Gatineau Hills have some nice hikes.
-- Ottawa, ON, Canada

7) This low lying coastal city accounts for roughly 25% of the country's population. Onnea!
-- Helsinki, Finland

8) At 87m, Mount Victoria isn't much of a mountain, but it does give you nice views of Torpedo Bay:

-- North Shore, New Zealand

9) Looking for a little elevation without leaving the city? Either Bellevue Hill Park or Jackson Hill Park seem like a good choice.
-- Cincinnati, OH, USA

10) The 5km hike to Castell de Sant Miquel from this city will give you stunning views of the country side.
-- Girona, Spain

11) Even with an elevation range of over 1300 ft (~400 m), you'll be hard pressed to find any good hikes here. :-)
-- Lake Superior / Great Lakes

Below is a list of additional areas being update in this data move.
Updated Imagery:


- USA: Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Mobile (AL), Charleston (SC), McAllen (TX), Hannibal (MO), Warren County (IA)
- Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Port Alberni
- Brazil: Sao Paulo, Florianopolis

Europe, Middle East, & Africa:

- France: Bas-Rhin, Indre, Pyrenees-Orientales
- Spain: San Sebastian, much of the Northern Coast
- England: Slough
- Scotland: Shapinsay, Rousay, Stronsay, Turriff, Peterhead, Portpatrick, Wigtown
- Sweden: much of the country
- Switzerland: Geneva, Basle, Lausanne, Lugano, Luzern
- Austria: large chunks of Eastern Austria
- Italy: Bergamo
- Russia: Smolensk, Novgorod
- Albania: Tirana
- Algeria: Tripoli
- Egypt: Aswan
- Sudan: Khartoum

Asia & Oceania:

- China: Changsha
- New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton, North Shore

New 2.5m base imagery for: Morocco, South Korea

New Terrain for: Azkoita, Girona, Charlotte, Columbus, Oakland, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Santa Monica, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Marina del Rey, North Shore, Helsinki, Ottowa, Prague, San Sebastian, Beasain, Oslo, Great Lakes, Brown Bear Seamount