On Google Earth for iPhone we already have Panoramio pictures all over the globe and Wikipedia articles for many locations, letting you explore interesting places by reading about them and seeing what they look like.

Today we are going to help you explore even more deeply by introducing the "Places" layer into the Google Earth for iPhone experience. This new layer uses the same data you're used to seeing in the "Places" layer on the desktop Google Earth client, but with a brand new styling designed to fit better to the iPhone.

To use the "Places" layer, just open up the Google Earth for iPhone client and fly to your favorite location.  "Places" are marked by a  icon.

Tapping on a place brings up a details page for that location. Without leaving Google Earth you can read articles, view photos, and watch videos about a location or its nearby areas.

We are very excited by this new layer.  We hope you enjoy it as well!