Ever since KML touring was introduced as part of the Google Earth 5.0 release in February, geo content authors have created some very impressive 3D content visualization experiences on this new platform. Now, you can enjoy these engaging experiences right from the comfort of your own browser with the Google Earth Plugin!

To try out some of our favorite Google Earth tours in your web browser, visit our commemorative tour gallery. Some of the tours in the gallery include a Flight 1549 re-enactment, a flyover of San Francisco (created with Arc2Earth by Brian Flood), and an Introduction to Mars narrated by Ira Flatow.

Embedding your own tours in your website
If you've recorded a tour in Google Earth and want to embed it on your own web site, you can do so easily with the Embedded Tour Player Google gadget:

1) First, save your recorded tour to a KML file. You can save to KMZ to improve download speeds for your users.

2) Upload your tour KML file to your website so that it's accessible to the public.

3) Visit the Embedded Tour Player gadget page and paste in the URL to your tour KML file.

4) Click the 'Get the Code' button and copy the <script> tag HTML to your web page.

That's it! If you're handy with JavaScript and want to do more with touring in the Google Earth Plugin, visit the Google Earth API developer site!

Posted by Roman Nurik, Google Geo APIs Team