It's been a while since I wrote an imagery quiz, but I'm happy to have a new one for you today. We've got a lot of new high quality aerial and satellite imagery for you to explore in Google Earth, both in the US and abroad. I don't want to spoil the fun of discovering the updates for yourselves, so here's a list of hints. I'll post an update in a couple days with the answers and a more complete list of updated areas.

1) This busy city is home to the world's largest shopping mall.

2) A Viking Runestone was found in this 'Springtime Place' back in 1824.

3) This 'capitol of happiness' was once a colonial capitol.

4) Parlez vous Francais? If so, you would be at home in this city, which is the second largest French speaking city in the world.

5) Though not quite complete, we've significantly improved our imagery coverage of this enormous river.

6) The gateway to the highlands is now visible.

7) Abandoned by settlers in 1541, this city is now the 2nd largest on it's continent.

8) This city was twice the capitol of Persia, and recently hosted the International Physics Olympiad.

9) Despite chilly temperatures, this city is sometimes called the Riviera of the North.

10) We've upgraded imagery of pristine mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and plains in this State.

Enjoy the hunt, and stay classy geo fans!  =)