Today, the wonderful chaos that is March Madness returns, and with it, comes a brand new college basketball KML like the one I built last year. To celebrate this annual moment of basketball bliss, I've added the locations of this year's 13 tournament venues, in addition to the locations of the 65 tournament teams' campuses.

Why, you might ask, did I decide to burn the midnight oil again to map these locations? Because I'm a a die-hard college hoops nut, plain and simple. Plus, I love learning facts like the ones below. As you're watching the games over the next few weeks, take a minute during a break in the action to do some March Madness geo-browsing and see if you can find these spots in Google Earth:
  • A tournament venue with an airplane silhouette on top of it
  • The tournament team based in Moon Township, PA
  • The two tournament teams that play in arenas that have their school logos on the roofs
I've also included these placemarks on a My Map - check it out:

Enjoy, and let the Madness begin!