I'm a pretty spontaneous gal; I moved to London a few months ago just to see what it was like [for those of you wondering, this side of the pond is brilliant!]. This personality trait has made it difficult to keep in touch with my friends, which is why I'm so excited about Google Latitude. Latitude is a new feature for Google Maps for mobile (and an iGoogle gadget using Google Maps), which allows you to share your location with the friends you choose. You can get an idea of where they are and what they are up to, and easily keep in touch with them.

A couple of weeks back I decided--last-minute as usual--to hop on a plane to Washington D.C. to take in the Inauguration. I wasn't entirely sure where I'd stay or whom I'd run into during my patriotic ex-pat frenzy, but shortly after my arrival I got an email from Steve Lee (a Google Mountain View Product Manager) that said "You are in DC? Me too! How long are you in town? Let's meet up!" 

Steve's a pretty smart guy, but he doesn't have ESP -- it was Google Maps for mobile's new Latitude feature that made this cross-the-pond meetup possible. I had shared my location with Steve on Latitude, so he just opened up Google Maps on his phone and saw my new location.   

Thanks to Latitude, I feel connected to the people I care about no matter where I am. I can be spontaneous and still have a great time with the friends I love all around the world. Be spontaneous! Try Google Latitude by visiting google.com/latitude from your phone browser or PC browser. You can control your location and who gets to see it; to learn more about the privacy features, check out this video.

To find out more about Google Latitude, check out this post on the Google Mobile blog and watch this demo video: