Yesterday we held a special event to unveil Google Earth 5.0, and musician Jimmy Buffett made a surprise appearance to talk about how he's putting one of the new features, Touring, to use. Touring is one of the amazing new features in Google Earth 5.0 which allows you to create and share a narrated fly-through tour in Google Earth.

Jimmy said that "Music and Geography were the only two subjects I ever made good grades in back in school. I think it is because they transcend long distances and prove to people the ability of shared experiences over great distances, and my love of both have stayed with me through the years." Jimmy has combined these two loves by using the Touring feature to highlight the stops along his 2009 concert tour; you can download the tour here.

It is no secret that Jimmy Buffett is crazy about the ocean and loves all of its treasures. His songs and stories are filled with its magical imagery and for him, the way of the ocean is a way of life. What many people might not know is that Jimmy has been an advocate for the ocean's safe-keeping for many years. He is passionate about many ocean-related issues such as coastal population pressure, manatee conservation, hurricanes, and wetland degradation, especially in Louisiana and Florida.

With Google Earth's new Ocean and Touring features, together with Jimmy's talent for storytelling, he can share his love for life and the sea beyond the walls of the concert hall. As Jimmy told us, "none of these amazing things that Google Earth does were available when I started touring back around the time the Wright Brothers took off from Kitty Hawk. We have always tried to make our live shows unique and enjoyable experiences and now teaming up with Google Earth, you can jump on the Googaritaville band wagon and start the party even earlier. No matter where you are, the ocean affects you, it's a part of you, it depends on you - and now you have it at your fingertips."

Check back here tomorrow for an in-depth tutorial on how you can create your own tours!