Our team has been on a roll adding more and more transit agencies to Google Maps, so we thought it was about time we update our landing page too. Now when you visit maps.google.com/transit, you'll find a heatmap representation with pins that indicate where we can offer you full schedule routing. Just try it out and zoom into your region and gradually discover more information about the local Transit coverage! The site also lists some of our most recent additions, tells you how to get transit directions on your mobile phone, and provides information on how agencies can join. 

We hope the new page helps you to even better understand in which regions we can offer you public transportation in cooperation with the local public transportation agency. Of course, we still show "Public Transit" as an alternative to driving directions when we have a local partnership, so even those who don't visit this new site can still discover the public transit options that are available to them. And don't forget about the new Transit Layer, which visually shows transit routes in more than 50 cities around the world; we're working to make the Transit Layer a part of this new site as well.