On the Official Google Blog you can read New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's words about an exciting partnership between NYC and Google.  The partnership is one of the most ambitious projects to leverage our APIs for Google Maps and Google Earth, and it delights us that we've helped New York City develop such a useful and compelling way to explore the city.

New York City's new website -- nycgo.com -- helps you find hotels, restaurants, and things to do in New York.  Most web pages embed Google Maps that can be expanded to see placemarks on a map.  The site also uses KML layers to include a set of featured maps that suggest restaurants and bars, discounts, and various kinds of tours.  Each placemark on a map can be clicked on and then sent to a phone so that you can get directions using Google Maps for mobile.

The brand new Official NYC Information Center at 810 7th Avenue is a remarkable experience for those looking to learn more about New York City.  It's one of the most exciting real-world implementations of our Maps and Earth APIs that I have ever seen. When you walk into the Information Center, you pick up a puck that you then place on an interactive map table.  Up pops a wheel that lets you select restaurants, attractions, Broadway shows, and more.  You save places to the puck and then walk to the back of the hall, where you set the puck back down at a station.  A gigantic video wall then shows you a Google Earth tour of the places you saved to the puck.  The 3D model of New York City looks amazing!
Check out nycgo.com and the Official NYC Information Center in this video: