The day has finally arrived! In a few hours, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. Although massive crowds are expected to gather in Washington, most people won't be able to experience the event in person and instead will rely on television coverage and online sources (but at least you'll be staying warm!). Fortunately, there are many sites using the Google Maps API to map photos, videos, news and accounts of this historic day, making it easier for you to follow the day's events: - Your view of history has pulled together a great map using the Google Maps API for Flash which is currently mapping iReports ("personal accounts and stories from the inauguration in Washington"). Click red "CNN" branded map markers to reveal CNN photos and videos from the Inaugural weekend and throughout the day. CNN has also made use of Google Maps to chronicle Obama and Biden's Whistle Stop Tour from Philadelphia to DC. - On-the-Scene Updates from Washington D.C.
Oprah's producers and journalist Lisa Ling are in D.C. to meet people and visit the inauguration hotspots. They have made use of Google Maps to plot their adventures and map streaming videos from their interviews with the big celebs and ordinary folks alike. Click "Start watching exclusive, around-the-clock videos from Washington, D.C.!" to launch the Google Maps view. - TimeSpace: Inauguration
The Inauguration Day version of's innovative news mapping platform will geocode real-time photos, video and blog posts. The Washington Post's Steven King explains that this involves "more than 30 photographers and videographers in the field using Sprint modems with the ATP Photo logging devices to transmit geocoded images and video back to the downtown newsroom where a team of photo editors will be selecting the best images from each location and publishing them in as close to real-time as possible. A team of 40+ reporters will be deployed through out the city providing information that will be compiled and delivered into TimeSpace with location specific information."

The Wall Street Journal's Google Map showcases a full inaugural guide to events and other things to explore in the District. Check out "Jan. 20" and "Parade Route" for details on the parade, and other events taking place following the ceremonies. More photos and content can be found below the map view.