Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz -- I'm sure you all passed with flying colors.

1) Founded in 1608, this former British possession has a decidedly French flair.

2) Once the seat of great political power, this red fortress is now a major tourist attraction.
--Alhambra, Granada

3) Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city was lost to the world for 1700 years.

4) Passing by a famous golf course and luxurious mansions, this stretch of road is a tourist attraction in its own right.
--17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach (California)

5) Legend has it that Hercules founded this major European city.

6) This city within a city plays host to an Opera House, Planetarium, Science Museum, Oceanographic Park, and beautiful gardens.
--City of Arts & Sciences, Valencia (Spain)

7) When we updated imagery of this city, we got complete coverage of another country with it.
--Rome & Vatican City

8) This city hosted General MacArthur's South West Pacific Headquarters during WWII.

9) Some of my Googler co-workers can enjoy the views from this very tall building.
--Taipei 101, Taipei

The following is a more complete list of the areas we've updated in this data push:

Updated Imagery:
- USA: San Diego, San Francisco metro area, Wenatchee (WA), New Mexico.

- Canada: Quebec, New Westminster (BC).

Europe, Middle East & Africa:

- England: Bristol
- Spain: Barcelona, Costa del Sol, Granada, Murcia, Valencia, Cuenca, Toledo, Caceres, Zaragoza.

- Portugal: Braga, new base imagery for entire country

- Italy: Rome, Naples

- Germany: Freidburg, Munich

Asia & Oceania:

- Australia: Brisbane, Great Barrier Reef

- Taiwan: Taipei, Taichung

New 2.5m base imagery for: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Taiwan, Tasmania, and parts of Mexico, China, and Australia.