Are you interested in the current weather at your travel destination so you know if it's worth to start early in the morning for that trip to the nearby mountains? Or do you want to check the current traffic situation or visibility conditions on the Golden Gate bridge? Or do you just want to confirm that the Earth is still spinning and the other side of the globe doesn't get sunlight now?

Just enable the newly launched layer in the Gallery folder and start to browse the placemarks. Clicking on the placemarks will show you an image taken within the last 15 to 60 minutes. This new layer has been created in partnership with and gives you access to almost 5,000 geo-located webcams all over the world. 

You can also rate or comment on a webcam by following the link below the image. Or if you have your own geo-located webcam and want other people to see it in Google Earth, just register your webcam with and, after being approved, it will appear in Google Earth.