Last week's Google Teacher Academy (GTA) got me thinking about the way I got launched into the world of Google back at the GTA in November 2006. I had previously used Google as a search engine but after the GTA I used Google for, well, everything I could! During the Academy, teachers using the products gave us examples of activities and projects they had done with their students. That’s all I needed to be off and running. As the Technology Resource Teacher for my K-8 district I have had many opportunities to pass on my enthusiasm and training to both teachers and students. Now after a two and a half year hiatus I have returned to Google as a Noogler (a new Googler).

Even though I have just begun my fellowship at Google, I feel like I am part of the Google family. My first week was spent finding my way around. I took some time to discover the ins and outs of the Google campus, then I got to work and explored the Google For Educators website, which is overflowing with useful lesson ideas.

There are many reasons why I'm loving my time here, but one of the main ones is learning about and being able to pass on all the engaging ways educators can use the Geo products to help students learn about their world. Even though it may be summer vacation, the Google for Educators site can help teachers prepare some great lessons for the upcoming school year, and parents can take a browse to find fun ways to keep their kids learning over the summer!