In March, we introduced the Cities in 3D Program, empowering local governments to contribute their own 3D models to Google. Since our original announcement, we have expanded the program to Europe and been working closely with several local governments in the US to get their models published to Google Earth. After four short months, the models from our first round of participants are available. Let's go for a brief tour to explore these new cities....

Amherst, MA: Taking a stroll down Main Street. In the distance, you can see the Southwest Towers on the University of Massachusetts campus.

Greenville, SC: Looking out at the Greenville skyline from South Spring Street.

McMinnville, TN: Night-time view of downtown McMinnville, where you can browse through art galleries and museums.

Nanaimo, British Columbia: Taking in the view as you fly past the Strait of Georgia.

Nashville and Davidson County, TN: A close-up view of the State Capitol, as buildings from across the entire country stretch into the distance.

Jamestown, NY: Go shopping along the downtown storefronts.

Washington, DC: The U.S. Capitol building in the heart of the nation's capital, with 3D models from all across the city surrounding it.

If you follow the link on each city's name, you'll get to learn more from them about the partnership, and check back here tomorrow to hear from the GIS Manager for Washington DC about his views on 3D data.

We look forward to working with many more organizations, including local governments, educational institutions, and community groups to get local 3D data published on Google Earth. Please contact us if you'd like to share your 3D data with us!