If you've been following politics (or our blog) closely this year, you may have seen some Google Maps mashups from the Iowa Caucus, Super Tuesday, and the US state primaries--including an extra special primary map in Pennsylvania. We've recently discovered several other elections map mashups on the web that are just as interesting and we couldn't help but share.

In order to better showcase these maps to you, we've created a Google Maps Elections Gallery that will serve as a collection of the best political maps mashups during the US campaign season. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

  • Primary Results: Take a look back in time as you view the final outcome of the United States primaries. Check results down to the county level and measure how close the final votes were between democratic candidates Clinton and Obama.
  • Fundrace: The Huffington Post brings you a map that tracks campaign donors by party, candidate, and location. Already have the Earth API plug-in installed? Try switching on the Earth mode for an even richer experience!
  • Twitter: Use the Twitter map to discover what people around the world are saying about the US elections.
  • Search Queries: Can search queries predict the elections? View the most popular candidate queries around the United States and discover historical trends up to six months back.
  • Campaign Trail: A one-stop shop that showcases each candidate's next campaign stop.

Whether you're a citizen journalist, online news producer, or just love staying on top of the political news, you now have the opportunity to further engage yourself (and your readers) with the 2008 elections by adding any of these maps to your site.

To get the embeddable code for these maps, click the "Embed this map" link on any of the gallery pages. You will be taken to a new page where you can customize the size, title, and border of the map. Once you are happy with the parameters you've set, click on the "Get the Code" button and simply copy/paste the source code into the HTML of your website -- it's as simple as that.

Are you a developer? Browse through our getting started guide to view a list of free open source political content on the web. Use this content to come up with an elections mashup of your own. Once you're finished building, let us help you show it off to the world by submitting your map back to us at elections@google.com.