Hello again! Today I'm happy to announce that the Google Earth data team has pushed out another imagery update. As always, here are some hints pointing you toward the new imagery. Stay tuned for the answers and a more complete listing of imagery updates.

1) This city is home to over 300 museums. Its flower is the bird of paradise and its tree is the coral tree.

2) An historic landmark, this all wood luxury hotel was built in 1888.

3) This city's namesake was the Governor of Tennessee.

4) Many believe the Greek King Ulysses founded this modern day capitol city.

5) Towering above many, this city is the 2nd highest capital on its continent.

6) Considered the fashion capitol of the world, you can now visit this city with high-res imagery.

7) This is the city where Vegemite was invented and is now exclusively produced.

8) The cruise ship capitol of the world has gotten a fresh set of pixels.

9) The currency of this island is known as Manx.