Using the data provided to us by the Naval Reseach Laboratory (NRL), we've put together a Google Earth animation of Cyclone Nargis making landfall in Myanmar. You can download the KML, then click the "play" button in the upper right of your screen (next to the time slider).

The animation moves in three-hour increments for the days leading up to landfall, then moves in single-hour increments as the cyclone approaches Myanmar. We trimmed the images down to just contain the affected area, but the animation downloads a fair amount of data, so please be patient -- after a few runs through the image sequences, the animation will play smoothly.

You can also view this animation alongside the animation from the previously posted KML to see the track unfurling with the storm's motion.

NRL also has created a KML that contains information about Nargis during its lifecycle. Click on each point along its path to see a pop-up bubble containing data about the cyclone at that point in time and links to additional KML files showing images from various satellites and sensors.

Update (5/8, 9:40 AM): Information about the track of the cyclone and the flood assessment area is also now available as a My Map: