Greetings, geo fans! Today we've launched a significant amount of new imagery throughout the world. The updates include new imagery of all seven continents, touching over 86 different countries. As always, I'm leaving hints here, and I'll post answers and a more complete listing of the updates tomorrow. Good luck!

1) The fans of 'Sweet Lou' get to see his three cities updated.

2) This town has the longest railway station name in the UK.

3) Sir Rutherford Alcock was the first foreigner to climb this mountain in 1860:

4) This major U.S. city was granted "town" status on February 2, 1856.

5) A major tourist destination and UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is also home to one of the richest silver mines in the world.

6) Founded in 1514, this town was the departure point for the Francisco Hernandez de Cordova (1517) and Cortez (1518) expeditions.

7) With over 100 buildings, including a bowling alley, this site is home to the largest community on its continent:

8) With tales of great treasure, a German geologist led an expedition up the face of this very large mountain in 1883.

9) On the verge of being devoured by the Sahara, this town, which was once a center of learning, is a Moorish architectural jewel.

10) Now visible in Google Earth, this enormous dam will not be fully functional until 2011: