A few months ago, we issued a challenge to public transit agencies: get your routes into Google Maps in time for Earth Day. The response has been incredible, and now that Earth Day has arrived, we've got some great news to share: we have nine new agencies across the country participating in Google Transit!

We're excited to welcome the following agencies:
...And that's not counting the six that we added last week!

Living in San Francisco, I'm especially excited about the addition of Muni to the lineup of participating Bay Area transit agencies, which also includes BART, Caltrain, and VTA. It's now easier than ever to plan trips across the region using multiple local transit agencies -- I can head from the de Young Museum in San Francisco over to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, easily making connections across agencies. No car needed!

Our goal is to be able to offer transit directions as an alternative to driving directions wherever possible. If your local transit agency isn't already participating, do your part for Earth Day by getting in touch with them and telling them you'd like to see them on Google Maps!