Today, I had the pleasure of announcing that the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is partnering with Google to bring schedule and station data for our 8 rail lines and 154 bus routes to Google Maps. Having CTA's information available on Google Maps allows us to reach a broader audience; by including our station/stop icons in maps, we can seamlessly introduce people to public transportation options as they look up locations or search for directions, and encourage alternatives to driving.

As the second-largest transit agency in the United States, the CTA serves an average of 1.6 million riders per weekday and nearly 500 million rides a year, so being able to provide this new service to our vast ridership and all of the 45 million tourists who visit this great city every year is a great stride in promoting the use and convenience of public transportation.

You can find more information about Google Transit in Chicago by visiting, or by watching this video:

And if you happen to be in the Chicago area this afternoon, Google is going to be heading to stations across the city to show off this great new feature – you can find them at:
With this information now at your fingertips, I hope to see you on the L soon!