The notion of feeling connected to a place, even one thousands of miles away, is one of the things I love best about Google Earth. Places that were once mysterious and inaccessible are now being made accessible for anyone to virtually visit.

Our planet has many stories to tell, and bringing storytellers together via Google Earth can help us to feel connected to a remote place.
The International Center for Integrated Mountain Development have put their knowledge and understanding of the Himalaya region into a KML (a Hima-layer, if you will!) to create an enchanting tour of the Mount Everest landscape, sharing their stories with us.

This spring,
the Eco Everest Expedition team will ascend Mount Everest and in tandem with moments of challenges, triumph and experiences that will never be forgotten, members will conduct scientific experiments to study the impact of climate change on glacial features within the expedition extent. In exploring this KML, which is featured on the Google Earth Outreach Showcase, you will discover videos, photographs, modeling and up to the date "Dispatches" as they happen so you too can feel a part of the expedition - all from the comfort and oxygen-rich environment of your own home!