Now that Google Earth 4.3 has launched, we're pleased to be realizing our goal of Google Earth being a canvas upon which all sorts of interesting data can be visualized. Now we're moving more and more towards supporting data that is dynamic; if we want Google Earth to model the real Earth, we need Google Earth to be different every time you open it up. I love the combination of the new day/night effect with the Clouds layer -- has Google Earth ever looked quite so much like the real Earth?

We've done several dynamic things already: traffic, weather, news courtesy of the New York Times, and YouTube. But don't wait for us to create more dynamic data - we've always believed that the greatest content is created by our users. Through the magic of Network Links in KML, any dataset can be set to auto-update at whatever interval is appropriate. The KML Gallery has several great examples, such as real-time earthquakes and current air quality.

The world changes quickly. With Google Earth and KML we - and you - have the tools to model those changes. Look for more great dynamic content from us in the future... and we'll look for even greater dynamic content from you.